Boeing Dials-Up Production Rate at Renton Plant

Riding a surge in demand for new fuel-efficient planes, particularly from airlines in Asia, Boeing Corporation announced on Wednesday that it would increase production of its top-selling 737 jets from the rate of 38 planes in 2013 to 42 monthly in 2014, and ultimately as many as 47 planes a month for 2017. In spring of 2014, the first 737 assembled is expected to be launched at its Renton plant, along with all other 737 components. The additional increase by 2017 will also come with a variety of disadvantages in terms of how prepared Boeing’s suppliers are for the production increase. In other words, its suppliers will also have to speed up their production of parts that are assembled together to create the planes. The company is working to avoid potential parts shortages and other problems that might cause delays.




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