Washington state sets exports record of $ 81.9 billion

Aerospace sold to international markets helped the state of Washington set a new record last year for state exports, a total of $ 81.9 billion in goods and services sold to international buyers, according to the U.S Department of Commerce. Washington, along with 15 other states, broke the export records, resultantly contributed to a new national high of $2.3 trillion. In particular, Washington’s exports grew by 8.4 percent in comparison to 2012, driven by an 18 percent increase over the previous year in aerospace sales worth $43.6 billion. Other top Washington exports include fuel, industrial machinery, wheat, electric machinery, medical instruments and wood. The success of the state’s export last year would not be completed without the significant rise in the number of Washington companies involved in international trade -  12,6777 companies based in Washington – up from 8,551 in the last survey.  “ With at least on in three jobs in Washington related to international trade, companies from a variety of industry sectors have opportunities to reach new customers in some of the fastest growing economies in the world. “, said Washington State Department of Commerce Director Brian Bonlender.


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