Microsoft’s Nokia acquisition finalized today

Today marks the official welcome of the Nokia Devices and Services business to the Microsoft family. The acquisition has been approved by Nokia shareholders and by governmental regulatory agencies around the world – bolstering Microsoft’s mobile capabilities. The deal, in which Microsoft is paying EUR 5.44 billion, will give Microsoft control over Nokia’s Lumia lineup, responsibility for shipping over 200 million handsets a year and will welcome 25,000 employees from Nokia.

The Windows Phone is the fastest-growing ecosystem in the smartphone market, with a 91 percent year-over-year gain. With the Nokia mobile phone business, Microsoft will target the affordable mobile devices market, a $50 billion annual opportunity.

Microsoft continues to blaze the trail in the ICT industry. Acquiring Nokia is only a step further in the direction of strategic expansion. Washington state as the home of Microsoft stands to gain when one of its leading companies grows in the international market place.


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