World’s Largest Specialty Coffee Event Held in Seattle

Greater Seattle is considered by many to be a world coffee capital – a center for roasting, consumption, and of course home to the global coffee king – Starbucks. So its no wonder that this past weekend, the city of Seattle was home to the largest specialty coffee event in the world – the Specialty Coffee Association of America‘s annual exposition.

Also known as the “Big Event” , the expo drew over 9,000 attendees – 29% of those who were non-U.S. and from more than 75 different countries. Attendees included coffee roaster wholesalers, coffee retailers, growers, baristas, import/exporters, and more. There were many activities over the 5 day event, including a U.S. barista championship competition and multiple skill building workshops.

Click here to watch a video of local SCAA members touting the city.


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