Guardian Cities Weighs in on Seattle’s Global Brand

The Guardian Cities website published a list of the world’s most powerful city brands yesterday, and good news is that Seattle made the list. The bad news is that it is not very high on the list, just missing out from the section of “cities to watch”.

Guardian Cities worked with brand consultancy firm Saffron to come up with the data and determine the list. The data was gathered by measuring two aspect’s of a city’s brand – it’s assets and its buzz. For assets, they studied things like climate, infrastructure, economic prosperity, and attractions. For buzz, they looked at social and traditional media mentions.

Seattle had a decent score for Asset strength, beating out cities like Istanbul, Dubai, Sao Paulo, Vancouver, and Mumbai. However it did not fair as well with “buzz” strength and was on the lower half of the spectrum.

Click here to view Seattle’s place on the Guardian Cities’ “global city brand barometer” chart. You’ll see that Seattle just misses out from the “ones to watch” section, which is bested by the “challengers” and “top 4″ sections.

The Trade Alliance is not discouraged but motivated by this report. We are soon going to be implementing a new targeted branding effort to improve our entire region’s “buzz”. And we are partnering closer with other international-facing organizations like the Department of Commerce and Visit Seattle to leverage each other’s work and branding efforts.

The full Guardian Cities report can be found here.


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