Delta Launches New Seattle-Seoul Service

Need to get to Seoul anytime soon? Well now there are three options to choose from! With the launch of Delta’s new Seattle-Seoul service earlier this week, there are now 3 airlines operating direct routes to South Korea’s political and economic center – Korea Airlines and Asiana Airlines being the other two.

This is the 8th intercontinental service from Sea-Tac for Delta Airlines, which has been rapidly expanding its presence in the Pacific Northwest and building Greater Seattle as a West Coast hub, thanks to our strategic location as one of the closest states to Asia. “The continued growth of international connections through Sea-Tac are a major factor in the region’s record tourism growth which promotes trade, business development and generate good jobs throughout the Pacific Northwest,” said Mark Reis, Managing Director of Sea-Tac Airport.

Delta has certainly helped Greater Seattle open its doors to the world – in 2013 there was a 10% increase in international passenger traffic from the previous year. The new Seattle-Seoul service will use a Boeing 767-300, departing from Sea-Tac at 12:25 pm and arriving the following day at Incheon Airport at 3:35 p.m. Later this month, Delta will also open a Seattle-Hong Kong service and by August it will be operating more than 85 daily flights to 26 cities from Sea-Tac.


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