German Company Opening Facility in Everett

Greater Seattle is currently undergoing a region-wide initiative to attract more Foreign Direct Investment, in partnership with JPMorgan Chase and the Brookings Institution. One advantage we have already is being home to some of the top global brands in the world, which draws individual talent and businesses who hope to become partners, suppliers, distributors, etc etc.

No company does it better than Boeing, whose significant manufacturing presence here has drawn hundreds of aerospace and advanced manufacturing companies from all over the world to Greater Seattle. The latest company to do so is Kuka Aerospace, a German robot maker. Kuka announced plans to open a 29,000 square foot plant in Everett next to Boeing, which will employ up to 75 people and function as a maintenance and service center.

Part of the reason for Kuka’s move to Everett is because it has partnered with Boeing on building a robotic system called the Fuselage Automated Upright Build (FAUB). In laments terms, FAUB will have robots install fasteners to the fuselage, previously done by hand, maximizing efficiency during production. Robots already are involved in key parts of the Boeing plane assembly process, such as the painting of the plane.

We welcome Kuka Aerospace to Everett!


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