DELSA Global strengthening world’s life sciences ecosystem

Washington State’s life sciences cluster is world class. It was ranked as the fifth largest cluster of its type in the U.S.A. according to the Milken Institute, with companies and research institutes working in areas ranging from cancer research to vaccine development to gaming and biochemistry. Yet, according to DELSA Global, even robust clusters like this and those around the world face significant challenges. Every day thousands of research groups generate tremendous amounts of valuable data that are narrowly disseminated and thus significantly underutilized. Founded in part by representatives from Seattle Children’s Hospital, Pacific Northwest Diabetes Research Institute and University of Washington, DELSA Global aims to address these challenges on a worldwide scale.

DELSA Global proposes a transdisciplinary approach by integrating expertise across life sciences and computing, industry and academia, cyberinfrastructure and analysis, and policies and media. The mission is to accelerate the impact of Data-Enabled Life-Sciences Research on the pressing needs of our global society.

DELSA approach is to build and promote a sustainable ecosystem of professional societies, funding agencies, foundations, industries, and citizens together with life science researchers and innovators in computing, infrastructure and analysis with the expressed goal of translating new discoveries into tools, resources and products. The Alliance builds on the collective abilities of its members, including seasoned Executives In Residence (EIRs, who apply real-life expertise to all facets of project management) as well as big data computing, management, and infrastructure experts (who wrestle with the challenges of the data deluge every day). DELSA Global utilizes initiatives that connect researchers, consortia, associations, institutions, societies and interest groups in a coordinated framework to address grand challenges in science, education, environment, energy, ecology, food and healthcare.

DELSA has conducted further workshops and an analysis of the future of data-intensive science that has been shared with policy makers, funding agencies, the scientific community and other interested stakeholders. DELSA upcoming workshop, “Supporting Ecosystem for the Life Sciences in the Beginning of the 21st Century” will take place May 3-4 in Washington, D.C. This workshop will connect leaders and stakeholders to accelerate development of new insights and innovations that can more rapidly address global societal needs. In addition, DELSA Global will identify up to 10 short-term (1-2 year) projects, called TOP Projects. These TOP Projects will address diverse challenges of the global society, include experts from multiple disciplines, and be supported by DELSA Global  through collaborative connections and assistance with identifying funding sources.


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