Qatar-based news network finds a home in Seattle

Seattle is going to be one of only twelve cities in the U.S. where the Qatar-based network, Al Jazeera, will be opening a bureau. Since developing Al Jazeera America, the company has been expanding in the United States and has hired KING’s Allen Schauffler as the correspondent for the Northwest. With 70 bureaus around the world the station has an advantage in getting their hands on international news; with that they will also bring an alternative view point and a broader range of topics of what is going on worldwide to a local station. Besides giving Seattle a tie to international information Al Jazeera is based in Doha, Qatar, a city with strong trade ties and the highest per capita income around the world. Investment from a successful foreign company from this region is good news for foreign business, and building an additional relationship through this outlet will be promising for both port based cities.


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