Small Washington Solar Power Company Soars

Outback Power Technologies Inc., a small Washington State solar power company out of Arlington, specializes in solar power conversion systems. While larger solar power companies are having a hard time with the trade disputes between U.S. and China, Outback is growing at double digit rates due to their specialized technology. The ability to store the solar power in batteries is becoming increasingly important for utilities in solar-heavy regions where power surges hit local power grids and there is a need to store the unsystematic energy bursts from sunlight or other events.

With increased concern about energy backup around the world, Outback expects to grow 25 percent annually for the next few years. Around half of their units are exported; many of them are sent to Europe, but a large number also go to developing parts of the world, particularly those where solar is the primary power source. Many solar power companies are being threatened by the tariff placed on polysilicon going into China. However, as they are not tied to the part of production that utilizes polysilicon, Outback can compete on a global scale, and is succeeding because of their proprietary software.

With the growth and expansion they are facing they have recently opened a new $1 million headquarters near the Arlington airport that is expected to be dedicated by the governor on August 22nd.


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