Spring District breaks ground

Call this one an international opportunity. Wright Runstad, a Seattle developer, started work on Monday on the Spring District, the newest neighbourhood in Bellevue. The intent is to find an anchor tenant for a 491,000 sq ft office complex early next year; to pave the way for that, a building on the site is being demolished.

Perhaps unusually, Wright Runstad, in drawing the plans for the mixed office and residential project, spent a great deal of time talking to Google and other tech firms about the sort of spaces they’d like to see to enable them to attract top talent. While Wright Runstad can’t create one exec’s joking dream of a million square feet on one floor, the company can deliver 30,000 sq ft floors with extra-large windows and lots of open space for employees, and their ideas, to mingle. The neighbourhood will also take advantage of the light rail station, when it is completed; the trip to Bellevue will be about 4 minutes, and 7 to Microsoft’s Redmond campus, making the neighbourhood attractive to employees looking to find a place to call home.

To assist with that, Security Properties, another Seattle-based developer, will begin building a 316-unit apartment complex in the District next year as well.


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