Amazon expands into Poland

Amazon has announced plans to open three new logistics centers in Poland; two are near Wroclaw and one is near Poznan, close to Berlin.  The Poznan center and one of the Wroclaw centers will open by August 2014, and the second Wroclaw hub will open in mid 2015.  The expectation is that this will create 6,000 permanent jobs, with a potential for up to 9,000 temporary jobs at peak times.  All of the facilities are additions to Amazon’s existing European logistics infrastructure, and are intended to take advantage of Poland’s skilled workforce, and geographical proximity to customers in Russia and Ukraine.

The decision represents an expansion rather than a shift in focus; there will be no closure of any of Amazon’s other European logistics facilities.  There had been a concern that the move could lead to closures elsewhere, particularly in the difficulty-plagued German market, but Tim Collins, director of Amazon’s European operations, laid that fear to rest in the news conference in Warsaw in which this expansion was announced.



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